Lavender Relax Face, Skin Body & Mind Deluxe Spa Set


Give yourself or someone else the gift of full body and mind relaxation with this lovely 5 piece organic lavender scented set. This set comes with a 2 oz. Lavender Luna Lotion bar, a 4 oz. Lavender & Chamomile Relax Body & Bath Oil, a 5 oz. Relax lavender scented bath soak, 2 oz. Lavender Face Toner and a hand poured Lavender Vanilla scented candle with Amethyst crystals and organic dried lavender buds. Description of each product below.

1. Lavender Luna Lotion Bar:
This ultra moisturizing lavender lotion bar is the ideal combination of skin nourishing ingredients that make it a must have for fall/winter. Made with organic shea butter, organic coconut oil and organic beeswax this lotion bar will leave your skin feeling hydrated and super soft. The organic lavender essential oil adds just a hint of relaxing and aromatherapeutic properties as well as skin healing properties. This lotion bar is perfect for all skin types, but is especially helpful for those dealing with dry skin, especially during colder months.

Each lotion bar comes in a beautiful reusable tin that makes it easy to store. When not in use store lotion bar in a cool, dry place or in refrigerator.

How to use:
Rub lotion bar gently on body and allow the heat of body to melt lotion onto body

2. Lavender & Chamomile Relax Body & Bath Oil:
This handcrafted organic “Relax” body and bath oil is a soothing and relaxing blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils in a base of organic sweet almond oil. This skin nourishing oil is infused with dried organic chamomile buds and dried organic lavender which further enhances the aromatherapeutic and healing properties of this body oil. The combination of organic, botanical ingredients and essential oils will leave your skin smelling amazing and feeling and looking great.

How to use:
-Apply a few drops on skin and gently massage. Best used after warm shower or bath.
-To use in bath, first fill bath with warm water and add a few drops for extra nourishing and aromatherapeutic touch

3. Relax Bath Soak:
This bath soak is a relaxing and calming blend of lavender essential oil mixed in premium epsom and himalayan salts. Dried organic chamomile buds and lavender flowers add soothing and healing benefits.

How to use:
Draw a warm bath and pour desired amount into bath

4. Lavender Facial Toner:
This handcrafted lavender-scented facial toner is gentle enough to use daily. Suitable for all skin types, this uplifting and moisturizing blend is a synergy of ingredients known to purify, tone and improve complexion over time. Infused with organic Lavender essential oil, rosehips oil and vitamin E to enhance healing and skin nourishing benefits. Can also be used as a room or pillow spray.

How to use:
Spritz on your face morning and night, preferably after cleansing your face. Mild enough to be used throughout the day to refresh your skin and create a relaxing, uplifting feeling.

5. Lavender Vanilla & Amethyst Candle:
Give yourself the gift of intentional relaxation with this beautiful, aromatherapeutic 4 oz. organic candle. These candles are hand poured and made in a base of sustainably sourced organic soy wax from soy grown in USA. Infused with lavender and vanilla essential oils this candles aroma is sure to transport you into a more relaxed state of mind. Topped with real amethyst crystals and organic dried lavender buds for that extra special, magical touch.

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Lavender Luna Lotion Bar:
coconut oil*, shea butter* , lavender essential oil*, dried lavender buds*

Lavender Chamomile Relax Body & Bath Oil:
Sweet almond oil*, rose hip oil,* vitamin E*, lavender essential oil*, chamomile essential oil*

Relax Bath Soak:
himalayan salt, epsom salt, lavender essential oil*, chamomile flowers*

Lavender Toner:
alcohol free witch hazel, distilled water, lavender essential oil*, rosehips oil,* vitamin e oil*

Lavender Vanilla & Amethyst Candle:
soy wax*, lavender essential oil*, vanilla essential oil, dried lavender buds*, amethyst crystals

*ingredients marked with an asterisk are certified organic


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