At Earth Based Organics we are committed to using premium, organic, non-toxic and natural ingredients in all of our products. But even with organic and natural products a few people can be allergic to certain ingredients. That is why we highly encourage that you do a skin patch test when you are using a new body or skincare product.

What is a patch test? Why is it necessary? How do you do it properly? We’ll explain.

A skin patch test is a simple way of checking whether your skin will react to new products such as cosmetics, soaps, moisturizers, skincare or topical medications. Patch testing is a common way to check for a variety of allergies.

Why is it Important?

The reason you should patch test a product before you use it is to avoid the potential severity of an allergic reaction. Allergies can cause anything from minor redness to painful swelling or worse. Patch testing is important because it will help you to be sure that you can safely use a new body or skin care product.

How to skin patch a product. Step by Step

1. Use a Clear & Clean Patch of Skin: Choose an accessible and clear patch of skin to test the product. It should be somewhere that you can comfortably leave alone for up to 24 hours. The skin around the crook of your elbows, skin behind your ears or your inner wrists are three good examples of the areas you can use. Once you have chosen the area, wash and clean the patch of skin.

2. Apply Product: Apply a small amount of the product to the patch of skin you’ve chosen, and cover the area with a Band-Aid.

3. Wait 24-48 Hours: You should wait a minimum of 24-48 hours before removing the Band-Aid. However, if you experience any pain, burning or itching, you should remove the Band-Aid and wash the affected area right away.

4. Observe Reaction: When you first remove the Band-Aid, you may notice some pink or red color from wearing the Band-Aid itself, but this should fade after a short while. If the redness does not fade, then you may have a mild allergy. If the skin is red, raised, itchy, or covered with a rash, then it is likely you have a severe allergy to an ingredient in product and should discontinue use. If you have no reaction then you can go on and enjoy the product on your body or skin.

Earth Based Organics © 2024 All rights reserved.

Earth Based Organics © 2024 All rights reserved.

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